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A new perception on the new normal, with Henry San Miguel

Dec 25, 2020

This shortened season of Paranormal Perception comes to a close... with the two most popular guests tis year returning to close off the year. First, Vernon Mahabal joins Henry to tell us what our palms are telling him about where we go from here. Vernon also talks about how all the political figures we put our trust in may not have our best interests in mind...but it's up to us to figure that out. Is '21 the year that finally happens? Listen & find out. Vernon Mahabal is the founder & director of The Palmistry Institute in Los Angeles, CA.

The second guest is Ben Stewart. Ben recently started his Waking Infinity News segments and he returns to the show to also prepare us for the next year and the decade we just started. Yes, it's frightening, especially because it's literally taking shape in front of our eyes, but Ben also tells us how we all have the power to escape this Matrix, all we're missing is the will to make it happen. Catch Ben's Waking Infinity News segments on his YouTube channel.


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