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A weekly paranormal talk show with Henry San Miguel, Unearthing The Supernatural, Nicole Madrid & Brenda Morales

Jun 24, 2022

This episode goes back to Season 1 of Paranormal Perception, featuring Henry San Miguel & then-co-host Raven Hawthorne speaking with Stefn Thorsman. Stefn is a rune reader and he talks about the origins of runes, which he has been studying and reading since the early 1980s.

Jun 17, 2022

Nuerodivergent empath & medium MG Stephens returns to the show to explain what, exactly, does neurodivergent medium mean. As you'll hear, it's a part of the paranormal that needs more light shed on it. Then Hero & Shanclen join the show to make a big announcement regarding Unearthing The Supernatural, Paranormal...

Jun 10, 2022

This week, Henry welcomes Jeremiah, host of the What If They're Wrong podcast. They talk about how Jeremiah became interested in the weird & unexplained, then they bring up a few topics from Jeremiah's "Conspiracy Mashup" episode to close out the interview.

Jun 3, 2022

Because of the school shooting in Texas last week, this week's episode focuses on child spirits. Henry is joined by 2Realm Paranormal's Sabrina Marie & Tresa and they discuss their experiences with and misconceptions of child spirits.

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