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A weekly paranormal talk show with Henry San Miguel, Unearthing The Supernatural, Nicole Madrid & Brenda Morales

Feb 26, 2021

This week, the creative minds behind talk about the exciting new home for exclusive paranormal content. Natalie Jones, Nick Bonanni & Patti Negri are about to launch on March 21st. It will be home to exclusive new paranormal, supernatural, horror,ufology,cryptozoology, and live events....

Feb 19, 2021

Author & ghostoriam Mike Ricksecker joins Henry on this week's episode. They talk about Mike's experiences with and research into shadow entities.What are they? Benevolent or malevolent? Interdimensional? They dive deep into the topic and also talk Mike's other paranormal projects.

Feb 12, 2021

Director Jordan Graham joins Henry on this week's episode. Jordan was on Henry's other show, The Geek Speak Show, talking about his new movie, Sator. On this show, Jordan and Henry talk in detail about how Jordan's grandmother had a Ouija board session, summoned an entity named Sator, and how that entity has been around...

Feb 5, 2021

This week, Henry welcomes author Dan Frey. Dan's new book, The Future Is Yours, may be classified as science fiction, but because of how we use technology (or how technology uses us), it's more science fact than Dan intended. They talk about the dangers of technology and social media and whether there is any way to...